A bitmap representation of a small portion of the linux kernel (I guess v2.something)

Yes, yet another blog.

I’m quite sure I lack the discipline for being a regular writer, but being regular is not my goal.

If there’s something that psyches me out is the fil rouge that binds electronics and programming. I feel equally attracted to both worlds and I believe that their synergy is sublime and very powerful.

I’ve always been a lurker of technical communities and open projects and absorbing information like a sponge has been a constant since I received my first computer, a long, long while ago.

So, to get to the point: I have a couple of ideas that yell from the Hyperuranion to be brutally dragged into existence and I’ll pretend to know how to do it, providing a (hopefully) exhaustive description of my ramblings and tribulations to get there.

So, I hope to give something back to the world in sign of my eternal gratitude.

My best,

your X

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